Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Letter

Hello there.

My name is not important, but what is important is that you have somehow gotten your hands on this paper and are reading it. This is a good thing because you are now curious on what this letter has to say and now that I have your attention sit back and relax, I want to let you on a well-known little secret that most of us guys do not like to think about.

Still here? Good. Either your wife has already talked to you about wanting to start a DD relationship or she has told you that she wants you to spank her. Now before you toss this out please take the time to finish reading this letter.

As you read this letter, you probably will do one of three things.

(1) You can go back to what you were doing and say nothing about it.

(2) You will be able to look your wife in the eyes, say that you have read it, and say no.

(3) If you say yes, you will have opened a wonderful door that your wife and you can explore together.

This is going to be your decision either way.

So let us assume that your wife came to you and she tells you that she wants a DD relationship. She bares her soul and tells you her most intimate secret thoughts of what she wants, and this friend is no easy task to do. She tells you how she wants to be more than just friends, to co-exist with each other. She wants intimacy, she has things that she wants to change about herself, she has bared her soul so you will know her better. She wants to give you the greatest gift that she can possibly give. Do you understand what you just read? She wants to give herself to you not just bits and pieces but all of her the whole package.

That’s some heady stuff is it not? She is willing to be compliant, to follow your lead, and work towards a better intimate relationship for the two of you.

So now she said she wants you to be the head of the household (HOH), the man in charge. Have you really given it a thought? What could happen if you said yes to what your wife wants of you and what this can do for your marriage? Like most of us men, if it does not look or sound good and it is not easy we will not do it, especially if it’s out of our comfort zone.

So, now you’re starting to like what you have read so far, but your thinking what exactly do I have to do. I cannot spank my wife, I don’t want to hurt her or she is an adult and why can’t she act like one.

First thing you should do is talk to your wife and really listen to what she is telling you, she will explain it all to you. Ask her questions ponder on what she is saying maul it over and sleep on it then go back and talk some more. Do not rush into this. You’re going to need time to do some research on exactly what a HOH does and if you demand nicely your wife will point you in the direction to go.

Now we come to part of why you have to spank your wife. This is very important to your wife because this is a release mechanism for your wife to let out stress, to forgive herself of what ever it is that she has done like being mean, snippy maybe even spent too much money. The reasons are endless and in some cases it even excites her. Talk to her to find out where her head is in all of this. No one but she can tell you how she feels when being spanked. This is going to help you wrap your mind around why you must spank your wife.

You now have an understanding of what your wife is asking and why and you have agreed to become her HOH. Now we come to the part of spanking her but are afraid of hurting her because frankly you don’t know how hard is hard and you don’t want to spank her into next week and her screaming bloody murder.

Practice, practice and practice some more your spanking skills and you know what? I bet there is someone really close to you that will happily volunteer to be your test subject I bet she is jumping up and down and waving her hands around saying “pick me, pick me”. J

I have a couple of suggestions for you. Take her over your knees and start to spank her slowly not hard and as you continue to spank her slowly pick up the intensity of the spanks to her butt. When you start to get a reaction from her you will have an idea of how hard to spank her.

Before spanking her, pick a safe word for her to say if the spanking is too much for her. If she says her safe word you stop immediately and talk about what happened and then continue if the both of you agree to do so.

By doing this you will have some idea how hard to spank her. You will learn her body language when spanked hard. You will notice that she will be happier, easier to live with, relaxed and most importantly you will find out that she will not break when being spanked.

Here are a few things you can try to flex your HOH muscles and to get your confidence up.

1. Ask her to tell you something she has learned about DD and are curious to try with them.

2. Discuss with her things that you find you find interesting and ask her how you can do to apply x,y and z to your marriage.

3. Tell her to share with you a struggle that she is having with her submission and make suggestions on how to help her overcome those obstacles and get input if they will help.

4. Tell them to bring you their favorite (or least favorite) implement and use that as you learn how to spank them.

5. Set aside time to talk about your concerns with the relationship, or new needs/wants that have come to the surface.

6. Suggest adding a small ritual that you do together every day to reconnect. It can be as simple as greeting each other when you both get home from work.

The most important thing that I can impart to you is to have fun exploring this with your wife. Learn about her wants and needs, cherish her and communicate. Keep those lines open and keep an open mind because this will constantly change.


Friday, April 26, 2013


This is not a pushover test. There are 20 questions. Average score is 12. This one will be very difficult for the younger set. Have fun, but no peeking! When you forward this to your friends/family, put your score in the subject line and let them know your score. Don't forget to forward it to me, as well. Good luck youngsters!!
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

1. What builds strong bodies 12 ways?
A. Flintstones vitamins
B. The Buttmaster
C. Spaghetti
D. Wonder Bread
Orange Juice
F. Milk
G. Cod Liver Oil

2. Before he was Muhammed Ali, he was...
A. Sugar Ray Robinson
B. Roy Orbison
C. Gene Autry
D. Rudolph Valentino
E. Fabian
F. Mickey Mantle
G. Cassius Clay

3. Pogo, the comic strip character said, 'We have met the enemy and...
A. It's you
B. He is us
C. It's the Grinch
D. He wasn't home
E. He's really me an
F.. We quit
G. He surrendered

4. Good night David.
A. Good night Chet
B. Sleep well
C. Good night Irene
D.. Good night Gracie
E. See you later alligator
F.. Until tomorrow
G. Good night Steve

5. You'll wonder where the yellow went...
A. When you use Tide
B. When you lose your crayons
C. When you clean your tub
D. If you paint the room blue
E. If you buy a soft water tank
F. When you use Lady Clairol
G. When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent

6. Before he was the Skipper's Little Buddy, Bob Denver was Dobie's friend...
A. Stuart Whitman
B. Randolph Scott
C. Steve Reeves
D. Maynard G Krebbs
E. Corky B. Dork
F. Dave the Whale
G. Zippy Zoo

7. Liar, liar.
A. You're a liar
B. Your nose is growing
C. Pants on fire
D. Join the choir
E. Jump up higher
F. On the wire
G. I'm telling Mom

8. Meanwhile, back in Metropolis, Superman fights a never ending battle for truth, justice and...
A. Wheaties
B. Lois Lane
C. TV ratings
D. World peace
E. Red tights
F.. The American way
G. News headlines

9. Hey kids! What time is it?
A. It's time for Yogi Bear
B. It's time to do your homework
C. It's Howdy Doody Time
D. It's Time for Romper Room
E. It's bedtime
F. The Mighty Mouse Hour
G. Scoopy Doo Time

10. Lions and tigers and bears...
A. Yikes
B. Oh no
C. Gee whiz
D. I'm scared
E. Oh my
F. Help! Help!
G. Let's run

11. Bob Dylan advised us never to trust anyone...
A. Over 40
B. Wearing a uniform
C. Carrying a briefcase
D. Over 30
E. You don't know
F. Who says, 'Trust me'
G. Who eats tofu

12. NFL quarterback who appeared in a television commercial wearing women's stockings...
A. Troy Aikman
B. Kenny Stabler
C. Joe Namath
D. Roger Stauback
E. Joe Montana
F. Steve Young
G. John Elway

13. Brylcream.
A. Smear it on
B. You'll smell great
C. Tame that cowlick
D. Grease ball heaven
E. It's a dream
F. We're your team
G. A little dab'll do ya

14. I found my thrill...
A. In Blueberry muffins
B. With my man, Bill
C. Down at the mill
D. Over the windowsill
E. With thyme and dill
F. Too late to enjoy
G. On Blueberry Hill

15. Before Robin Williams, Peter Pan was played by...
A.. Clark Gable
B. Mary Martin
C. Doris Day
D. Errol Flynn
E. Sally Fields
F. Jim Carey
G. Jay Leno

16. Name the Beatles....
A. John, Steve, George, Ringo
B. John, Paul, George, Roscoe
C. John, Paul, Stacey, Ringo
D. Jay, Paul, George, Ringo
E. Lewis, Peter, George, Ringo
F. Jason, Betty, Skipper, Hazel
G. John, Paul, George, Ringo

17. I wonder, wonder, who..
A. Who ate the leftovers?
B. Who did the laundry?
C. Was it you?
D. Who wrote the book of love?
E. Who I am?
F. Passed the test?
G. Knocked on the door?

18. I'm strong to the finish...
A. Cause I eats my broccoli
B. Cause I eats me spinach
C. Cause I lift weights
D. Cause I'm the hero
E. And don't you forget it
F. Cause Olive Oyl loves me
G. To outlast Bruto

19.. When it's least expected, you're elected, you're the star today...
A. Smile, you're on Candid Camera
B.. Smile, you're on Star Search
C. Smile, you won the lottery
D. Smile, we're watching you
E. Smile, the world sees you
F. Smile, you're a hit
G. Smile, you're on TV

20. What do M&M's do?
A. Make your tummy happy
B. Melt in your mouth, not in your pocket
C. Make you fat
D. Melt your heart
E. Make you popular
F. Melt in your mouth, not in your hand
G. Come in colors

I got 19 but I don't feel old

Below are the right answers:

1. D - Wonder Bread
2. G - Cassius Clay
3. B - He Is Us
4. A - Good night, Chet
5. G - When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent
6. D - Maynard G. Krebbs
7. C - Pants On Fire
8. F - The
American Way
9. C - It's Howdy Doody Time
10. E - Oh My
11. D - Over 30
12. C - Joe Namath
13. G - A little dab'll do ya
14. G - On Blueberry Hill
15. B - Mary Martin
16. G - John, Paul, George, Ringo
17. D - Who wrote the book of Love
18. B - Cause I eats me spinach
19. A - Smile, you're on Candid Camera
20. F - Melt In Your Mouth Not In Your Hand


I got 20 I think that makes either real old or I cheated, I think it is real old. Whatis your score?


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Work vs Wives

This post is just my opinion on how I see one of many problems that plague us in any type of loving relationship be it a DD, D/s or good old vanilla relationship, although this is geared for the DD relationship.
If our boss came up to us and told us that we were being promoted to regional sales and when we took the job over, would we do it as if we didn’t care in the world if it got done or not, or would we do our new job to the best of our abilities? Of course, we would give 100 percent of our attention to do your best because we now have people depending on us for instructions and guidance.
When our golfing, do we plan on shooting the highest score possible even though at times that is what it looks like we are doing, again the answer is no, we try to shoot our best lowest score.
When your aim is off and we are having a terrible day, do we tell our comrades that we will meet them in the clubhouse, although I have thought it would be better to have a few beers it’s a lot easier and less tiring. We would try adjusting our stance, your swing, heck at times I was so desperate I even changed the brand of the golf ball.
When changing a faucet do we buy the cheapest product that we can find or do we buy the middle to top of the line? Most of us probably would pick the middle of the road, why because it would hopefully last many more years than the cheap one.
Then why is it when our spouse comes up to us and tells us their deepest intimate secrets and possibly a solution to ending the strife and bickering and maybe even bring world peace to our marriages and what do we do? We don’t give it our full attention, here is an example, a wife comes up to her husband and explains to him that she has a desire to have a DD relationship in the household and after the particulars are ironed out between the two partners.
Everything is set and the husband and wife are on board, the first time a rule is broken we take her into the bedroom and conduct our business, spanking her as we said you would.
A few weeks or a couple weeks days later the same thing happens we are either tired or watching TV, it needs our attention but we don’t feel like dealing with it right now, so we tell her that tomorrow she will be spanked and we give her the reason why it is delayed. She may or may not be happy with our decision but she knows we are the one in charge and she waits thinking and analyzing what is going to happen. Then tomorrow comes, she wants expects us to follow through and so when it is time to pay the piper we tell her (put reason here).
She comes to us with a problem or a what if question, she wants our input and what do we tell her “I don’t know honey do whatever you want.” On the other hand, the one I am famous for is “let me think about it and I’ll get back to you” can you imagine what our clients would say if we did that to them? You bet they would be taking their business elsewhere.
No wonder she walks away hurt and pissed because we are sending her mixed messages that we don’t care or your feelings are not important right now, I will deal with it later after the game and then we have this blank stare on our faces and then complain that we cannot figure out why she is peeved at us.
Now if it was work and a problem came up more than likely we would be working hard to elevate the problem as fast as possible so it don’t get any bigger than it has and your job will run smoother when it’s fixed and cough, cough it gives us some free time.
So why would our marriage be any different from our job? (It should be more important because of all the fringe benefits she provides.) We have to invest time and energy in both for it to run properly, of course there will be days like at work we don’t want to deal with any problems but we know we have to in a timely manner because… well it’s our job. We get satisfaction seeing a project running smoothly or a project that was saved from disaster.
Now am I am not saying that if we give your time to this DD lifestyle all our problems will disappear. As with anything else, we are going to have good days and bad days hopefully more of the former than the later.
However, I do know one thing that by us trying to be consistent, what we will be showing our wives is that we are commented for the long haul and most importantly, we are telling her she is worth it. That little effort on our part by paying attention and showing her due respect that we do care and respect her this can reap tremendous rewards.
The only thing that they ask of us is to give TTWD the best shot that we can. If we do that we just might, maybe have peace in the household for at least a few hours and if not, at least we will be getting our exercise in by spanking the daylights out of them. Then after that… well I will leave that up to the two of you to work out. WEG

Friday, April 19, 2013

How to Derail Your DD Marriage in Four Easy Steps

Here are four common mistakes and old habits that can make a DD relationship harder to do.
1.Having unrealistic expectations: For months, you have read, researched, talked to other like-minded people who have a working DD relationship and now you have you own idea of how you want your DD marriage to be, so you bring it to your spouse and spring it on them. You tell them how happy the two of you will be and how there will finely be harmony in the household once more.  As he is mulling it over in his head and he is trying to rap his head around this new radical idea about changing the dynamics of their marriage. You get impatient because he is taking so long to decide what he wants to do or that he doesn’t ask enough questions on what exactly a DD marriage is. He agrees to try it and after a few missteps, he starts to flounder, so then you get upset because this is not what you envisioned or you find out it isn’t as fun as you thought because he is demanding that you be held accountable and (here goes ladies) you find out that spankings really hurt ?
2.Using words to hurt maim your marriage: As you are watching, your hopes and dreams of the DD lifestyle are not moving in the same direction that you thought it should go you start telling your spouse how it should be done (topping from below). You get mad at him because he didn’t move fast enough or he may not of handled it at all because he thought it was either not important or he thought he was showing mercy. As the longer it goes on you get more frustrated, so you relentlessly tell him that he doesn’t care, you tell him and whoever else that will listen, all his failures because he didn’t do it right or because he didn’t meet you expatiation.
3.Disrespecting his insight, opinions, and advice: You did a nice job of explaining to your S/O and he is on board with the program that you wanted. As he has grown into the new role, he starts to take over and starts to make changes the way he thinks it should be. He then starts directing you on how he wants to navigate his ship but it’s not what you want.  When you find out he has changed what you wanted, you try to wrestle his authority away from him, you disregard what he tells you to do or you do it completely the opposite of what he wants. You blatantly disrespect his advice when you come to him with a problem because it is not what you want to hear.
4.Undermining his authority, but demanding he take full responsibility: You resent your HOH for keeping track on your spending plus the rules that he has set up because in the beginning you wanted this now it’s like he is always there reminding you to do your chores, clean the house etc. 

So now you start doing things sloppy or you don’t do them at all and when he pulls you on the carpet for not doing what you were supposed to do, you make excuses that he wasn’t clear in his instructions or he didn’t say that and my favorite is, I did exactly what you told me to do knowing that he didn’t mean it that way.

I was guilty of three out of the four mistakes listed above, fortunately I was able to correct them early on in the beginning.   


Tuesday, April 16, 2013


It’s early in the morning I can’t sleep and as I sit here in the dark I am reflecting on where we have been, where we are now and where we hopefully to be in the future.

When we first got married, we were in union with each other. We moved together never veering too far nor to close to each other. Always in unison, the same speed and distance. We were navigating through life as one unit.
As time went on our movement was no loner the same speed. Sometimes we moved at different speeds and our space got either closer or farther apart. If it got closer, it was because we were arguing and trying to wrestle control from each other. If our space was drifting apart that was because one or both of us was building walls to keep the other apart, not talking to each other, just doing our own thing. As the years went along, the drifting apart or the collisions of being too close was happening with greater frequency and with greater violence.

After some near catastrophic collisions and drifting apart, I knew I had to do something to retrieve what we had. I researched the internet and what I found was DD. When we were test-driving it, we found that it had the power to correct our speed so we were at the correct distance and speed so that we could move as one unit. We also found out that if we used it wrong it would separate us even farther apart than we were before.
After some trial and error, we found that only one person could set the speed and distance for their spouse. He is the controller or navigator sitting in the center The spouse is on the outer edge far enough to be on her own but close enough to see how fast and in what direction he is going so that she can adjust herself accordingly and to be ever watchful of events coming into their sphere of influence.

The HOH navigates through life’s terrain through his speed he may choose to go faster or slower depending on how rough the road is. He sets the distance between himself and her knowing that his wife needs time and space from him so that she can grow and think for herself but he also knows that he has to keep her close enough to protect her and be watchful for trouble ahead.

When done properly, it can be a beautiful dance for an outsider to watch as two people move with such speed and precision always as if they are one unit.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Bobbie's First Real Spanking


The story you are about to read is a true story of a couple’s first attempt at a real spanking, the people and places in this story have been changed to protect their identity.
It is a cold wintery morning, snow falling on the ground with the wind howling as it whips around the house. Both husband and wife shudder when they hear the wind rattle the kitchen window as they sit quietly across from each other both afraid to approach the subject of what they agreed to a week ago.
Holding the coffee cup in my hand I am looking across the table at Bobbie, “You remember what today is don’t you?” She lifts her head up looking at me as if I just sprouted two heads and then ignores me, turning back to staring at her coffee. Pressing the issue once more,“You get your first real spanking remember? We agreed to it a week ago?”
With fire in her eyes, she snaps her head towards me like a dragon blowing fire and sarcastically says, “No shit Sherlock! Yes I know what is going to happen, I was there remember?” As she rolls her eyes to the heavens, speaking unintelligently then turns her attention again back to her coffee.
I am intently studying the many emotions alternating across Bobbie’s face. She reminds me of a ship caught in a raging storm tossed around as the giant waves hit the ships hull. She wanted to be anywhere but here.
With a loud sigh, I ask. “So then Bobbie, talk to me. What is going on in that head of yours? You have to be feeling something. So talk.”
Bobbie, starting to get frantic, loudly said, “Nothing is wrong ok? Let’s just not talk about it.”
“What do you mean nothing? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that you are getting upset, so talk.”
She now realizes that I am not going to let this go. With a defeated look she said, “I just know that I am going to hate it. You are going to hit me so hard that I am going to cry and you know how much I hate crying.”
“What makes you think that I am going to hit you so hard and why do you think you’re going to cry? If you are going to be that upset about it then we don’t have to do this. We can go the alternative way that we talked about already. I can take your books and computer away whatever way you want to go sweetheart.”
“No, I promised you that I would do it and I know how much you are looking forward to it, so I am going to do it. I don’t want you to hate me because I backed down”
“It is not about me, nor is it about you, it’s about us, and I won’t hate you if we don’t do it. If you are going to get sick over it then I don’t want to do it”
She wipes a couple of tears from her face with her hand. “I just want it to be fun you know? I don’t want this to be serious”
“We already talked about this; we both agreed this was the only way to find out if this is going to work for us. The whole purpose of this is to see if we can apply it to meet our needs. Not for you to get so upset, that you are going to get sick over it. It is not worth it to see you in such misery.”
“But I feel like a complete failure and that I disappointed you”
Running my hand through my hair not ever thinking it would go this bad. “No you’re not disappointing me. I gave you the choice on how you wanted to do it. You said that you would take this spanking. This is not written in cement. We don’t have to do this.”
Bobbie gets up, walks away from the table, and goes to the bedroom leaving me alone in the kitchen with my feelings of where it went all wrong and why she was so despondent.
After running it through my head, I couldn’t figure out what happened how I lost control of this, or if I even have control. Last night she was pumped up about this, she said she could do this and thought that it just might help our relationship and this morning she gets all freaky. She is acting as if she is going to face the firing squad. I push myself away from the table and walk into the bedroom to find her lying on the bed with tears in her eyes.
I lay next to her, stroking her back and rubbing the tense shoulder and neck muscles speaking softly “honey I don’t want to do this. It is hurting me more watching you be miserable than anything else.”
Bobbie turns so she can look at me with a weak smile and said, “I have to try it. Yes, I am scared and I don’t know how I will handle it. I am sure it is going to go very badly for you no matter what you do”
Laughing and talking she starts to relax more and then I tell her it’s time. As I sit in the middle of the bed, I pat my lap just waiting for her to come to me, she crawls to me, climbs over my lap and grabs one of the pillows to bury her face in the pillow.
I rub her back just taking my time watching her, she relaxes a bit and then I tell her that we are going to start. I take the hairbrush and quickly spank her 10 times. By the fifth swat, she starts to cry and at the seventh spank, she rockets off my lap telling me that I hit her too hard but the amazing thing was that she got back into position so we could finish the rest of the spanking, three more spanks and we were done. I tossed the brush across the bed, held her, and told her it was over and that she did well.
After she calmed down we went out to dinner and neither one of us mentioned what went on a couple of hours ago. But the next day over coffee, we talked about it and she told me that she has come to terms with it, she didn’t like it, but will do it again if nessery.
As we all know, this is not the end but only the beginning.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Bobbies first Good girl spanking

I am closely looking at Bobbie with her bright yellow sundress sitting on the couch next to me fidgeting with the matching belt around her waist and squirming around in the seat as if she is trying to drill herself into it. Her face looking at me with so many emotions running across it from fear to excitement and back again

For you see, today is the big day because Bobbie had agreed to her first spanking and I do not know who is more nervous now that the time is here her or me. All day I have been telling her too calm down and breathe, in and out, in and out. In a few minutes, it will be time.

Not wanting to delay this any longer, I announce that it is time to go into the bedroom to begin so I get up and offer her my hand to help her up, she places her hand in mine, and we walk together to the bedroom.

Being that this is her first time, she is not sure what to do or say, being a nervous wreck she is shifting from foot to foot standing there waiting for me to take the lead. Her hands seem to have a mind of their own as they fold themselves in front of her then they move to her side and then folds them across her chest then puts them back to her front.

I slowly walk in front of her and say, “look at me Bobbie take deep breaths and try to relax this is not going to be as bad as you think it is. I want this to be a good experience for you” I place my hands over hers and pull her to me so I can engulf her in my hug. Her body is unyielding I continue talking in her ear to relax her but after a couple minuets she still is tense and breathing fast.

I sit in the middle of the bed and extend my hand out to Bobbie; hesitantly she puts her hand into mine. I pull her across my lap, I adjust her body so that she will be at ease and her body tightens, her breathing has become fast and shallow.

I tell her “everything is going to be OK and that no matter what happens today that I am the happiest man alive because you are giving me the greatest gift of all, your trust, what more could I ever want than that.” I start rubbing her back aimlessly back and forth while I am feeling the tension leaving her body, her body relaxes on my lap and her head is buried in a pillow, but I can hear her moan and her breathing is starting to go back down to normal. I start rubbing her butt watching her dress start to bunch up so I stop and smooth her dress out and proceed to rub her butt again, I repeat the procedure over again and I hear her giggling into the pillow, because she thinks I am having trouble with her dress. Now I

know that she is ready for her spanking so I lightly spank one cheek, rub it then spank the other cheek and again I repeat the process for several more minutes.

Stealing glances at Bobbie I see that her face is sideways on the pillow and she is looking at me, her face looking peaceful, and her body now relaxing. I take the hen of her dress and slowly pull it up her legs while raking my fingernails up her legs until it bunches around her lower back and again I move my hand aimlessly around her pantie covered backside.

I hear a low animal like sound from her, thus encouraging me to continue. I elevate my hand and give her a smarting spank across her flank and then the other buttock; she flinches a little because of the loud noise than from the spanking itself, again she does not move as I strike the opposite end. Watching her closely I see that her face is a bit pink, her breathing is a little fast and shallow and her butt is a light shade of pink. I start to vary the intensity of my spanks from light to hard all around the sweet spot of her backside to the top of her butt.

Bobbie responds to my assaulting hand by moving her torso around my lap and giving me an occasional yelp when a swat hits her a bit hard, now her butt is a bright pink and her face is peaceful looking.
Asking her if she is still comfortable lying down over my lap, she responds with a pleasurable groan.

A loud groan escapes her lips as I rake my fingernails across her gyrating butt and legs.

I wedge her panties between her butt crack making sure I now have full access to her backside; I pick up a hairbrush concealed under one of the pillows and with the bristle side down. I brush it across her rear end and both legs picking up the intensity with each stroke and then going back down to a feather like touch, her body is now dancing from the simulation of the brush.

Putting the brush back down, I am now comfortable knowing that Bobbie is immersed in the moment of her first spanking. I rise my hand high above my head and with a resounding slap, I strike her buttocks as I remove my hand from her flesh I see a slight hand print of where my hand was and I hear a complacent ouch. I hold her side a bit tighter to me as I continue to pepper her butt making sure that I am that I am coloring her butt a nice even shade of red.

Bobbie is now being more vocal in saying ouch more and is moving around the lap but is not trying to get away from the spanking, seeing this I slow down and rub and kneed her now rosy backside. Her eyes are glazed over blinking but not focus on any thing, her mouth is open, the tongue is darting in and out, and her face is peaceful looking. I pull her panties down and as they are sliding down her legs, I notice a damp spot on her panties, smiling to my self and mentally patting my self on the back for giving Bobbie her first enjoyable spanking.
Now its time for other pleasurable things to do Bye.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

What makes a good woman?


She is honest as best as possible in every thing she does

She does not gossip.  

She protects her man from harm when possible even if it's from himself

She is independent she thinks for herself but is wise enough to ask for help if she is not able to handle the situation

She is aware of his needs, she watches him to make sure he is not struggling alone

She will help him around the house or for personal needs

She is kind to herself and to others, she is willing to step up and help when needed

She speaks good to other people and does not put herself in a bad light to embarrass her husband

She is playful, she knows when her man needs to lighten up and tries to get him to forget his problems if not just for a little while

She put her man on a pedestal she brags to her friends what he does for her

She listens to his problems, she is his confident, his sounding board when he needs to bounce ideas off someone

She is his helper, she is there to be his apprentice in helping him with projects 

She is confident with her ability to handle problems as they arise.

She has a healthy handle on her emotions, she knows how to pull in her emotions under duress (most of the time)

She has the patience like Job when her ship is being dashed in the sea knowing in her heart that the two of them will weather out the storm

She is secure in who she is, she doesn't worry about idle talk, she is aware of her surroundings

Monday, April 1, 2013

Being a Good Husband/HOH

While sitting in the waiting room waiting to see my Doctor, I was thinking of what are some of the qualities that make a good Dominant, HOH or a man in general.  
A good Dominant or HOH is a person that cares about his spouse or girlfriend of her feelings and what is going on around her.
He truly wants to be a part of her life. As much as it pains us sometimes to listen to you babble (just kidding.)
He will listen to what is important to her at that moment, what she has to say so that he will know how to avoid the rough spots in life.
He is not always right and he has the humility to go to his spouse and admit that he was wrong and will find a way to correct it.
He has self-control in all that he does and he will walk away when he is angry and then come back to talk to you when he has calmed down.
He is constantly thinking and learning on how to lead his family.
He will say I do not know, but he will research it if necessary.
He is her best friend he does things with her and he is there for her.
He protects her from herself when needed.
He knows when to be firm and when to be compassionate.
He will know when to push her and when to pull back so that she can grow and not be stagnating.
He is honest.
He possesses her as if she is the most valued treasure of all and he will put her on a pedestal for all to see his most pride and joy.
He is the type of person that will be attentive.
He sees most every need that she has and he will put her first even before his self.
He will edify her and never demean her on purpose.
He is not boastful
He is willing to roll up his sleeves and help
He does not take glory for himself
He is not a gossiper
He says what he means
He has the resolve to stand firm even when others don’t agree with him
What can you think of that I missed?