Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Role of the tih

When a person decides to try or look into a DD relationship to see if it is right for them, they will find many articles on what a tih is supposed to do and how they are to act in their new dynamic. Such as being polite and submissive, to be a follower, to be guided if you will and accepting correction for their misguidedness. But very little is written about what her role in the scheme of this is.

There are no mystical powers or magic pill to take when two people embark (agree) on a DD relationship. That it will automatically be a better place for them because like everything else that is worth having it is at times hard to make it work properly. When you boil it all down, it is more about common sense on how to treat one another.

The role of the tih is to complement her husband to make him a better person than he is now and to make their relationship more fulfilling in how they interact with each other and the surrounding world around them.

She will watch out for him, notify him if she sees any problems lurking in the background that he is not aware of. She is in constant communication with him. She does not go behind his back in making big decisions and she will talk to him so they both can find the best way to accomplish their goals.

She is his confidant. She’s there to talk to him about what is on his mind and at other times she will listen nonjudgmentally to his hopes and fears. She gives him her thoughts of where she thinks he is going and what pitfalls that he may encounter. If she sees her HOH slacking in certain areas she will gently try to guide him back on track.

She will provide the tools necessary to accomplish his goals to further the family lifestyle so it can be more fulfilling and easier. She will build him up, respect him, and honor his decisions. 

She will build him up, trust him, rely on him, and lean on him. In order to support him, she has to be willing to let him fully support her.

She to give him a reason to feel accomplished and satisfied with our relationship and it gives them both the control to handle any arguments.

This is just a few of the roles a tih does to do to keep their DD dynamic going. 

How do you see your role as a tih?