Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Who is Bobbie?

Hello everyone.
Not much going on in the DD front lines, both of us are still down and out her with the pain in her back (no I am not the cause of it) Jand me recovering from knee surgery, so as you can guess there are no stories to tell how bad Bobbie was or how I had to save the world from Bobbie’s antics WEG.

So let me tell you a bit about her, Bobbie is a fiercely independent woman who has no problem telling you what’s on her mind, she is a very loyal friend once she becomes your friend she will stick by you to the ends of the earth and woe be to the person that talks bad about her friends she will go toe to toe defending them. She is my best friend, supporter and is the only person that I know of that could destroy me in a heart beat but in the same breath she protects my heart as if it was made of the finest glass.

 On the flip side of the coin Bobbie is also a very emotional being, she totally reacts on her feelings instead of her mind, she can cry at will (sounds familiar?), she is also at times is a very spoiled lady (my fault).

When we started DD, she was as vanilla as they came she didn’t want any thing to do with it because she thought that she was going to lose herself, she would no longer have a voice in any decision that was to effect our lives, she thought she would become like a Stepford Wife a mindless robot to due my evil bidding. Oh did I mention that she hated to get spanked?

What she found out through some reading material that I have given her plus a lot of persuading from me and us talking about it over a lot of coffee. She now realizes that she is still the same person as before except that now she no longer has to do it all by herself. She could now lean on me when she needs support and that she is still a valued person and not a mindless person. One who I will always come to ask for advice and confide in. She now believes that I have her best interest at heart and that I would never knowingly hurt her on purpose.    

Before the bottom dropped out a couple of months ago we were doing DD in the bedroom and was just about to bring it out of the bedroom into real life, but we had to put it on the shelf until we are well enough to pursue our new endeavor.

During our time in the bedroom she had taken to erotic spanking like fish to water, she has commented to me a few times that she misses the "us" time we have had together and that she can't believe how relaxed she was after her good girl spankings. So where are we now? We are in a holding pattern. We are getting stronger health wise, we talk about how we are going to make this our own in a week or two.
Hopefully when we both get better I will have some interesting tails to tell on how I HOH Bob vanquished the evil fire breathing dragon Bobbie by putting her into chains and…

(Well we’ll just have to see where that will take us)   



Sunday, February 24, 2013

Women talking more than men

Did you know that women talk more than men? Yep as hard at it is to believe it’s true. Even my great HOH power of observation noticed that after living 38 yrs with Bobbie talking to me and listening to her talk on the phone with her girlfriends that she talks way more than  me or any of our male friends.  
Now scientist think they have proof that women talk 3 times more than men. Can you believe it?  You can read it here
Still doubt it? Look at all the blogs that you read. Who runs most of them? Yes women do. Now there is no way of me knowing what the ratio is but it’s got be at least 3 to 1 and look at the volume of information that is on their blog sites compared to men’s. It’s mind boggling. Us men can’t even begin to compete writing more than you woman unless it’s a technical manual or telling someone how to fix a problem.

Now before I get a ton of replies demanding my head on a platter or worse, the reason I wrote this is because I thought it was funny that someone paid a lot of money for this research only to come up with a statement that women talk more than men. I would have liked the money to go to the research of how to get Bobbie to like spanking more than she does now, now that would be money well spent (LOL) and the last reason is this gave me a chance to say how much I appreciate all of you gals who write at times daily on your thoughts, fantasies, triumphs and disappointments on your blog. It reminds me how precious Bobbies gift is to me.


Friday, February 1, 2013

We're Sick

This week has not been a good week Bobbie and me have been fighting like cats and dogs for a couple of weeks now (old cats and dogs that is).

You see both of us are under the weather not up to par, so  when one of us feels like the other is intruding on his or her space we show our teeth growl and hope to goodness that we both stay away from each other. Actually when you see how we hobble around you will know that neither of us are going to hurt one another.

You see she has a pinched nerve on her left leg and my right knee is damaged so I have to use a cane to get around.

This brings me to my question how does one maintain a DD relationship when both are sick?
Do you keep write things down on a secret ledger when your partner crosses the line so you can settle it later or do you just say the heck with it and hope for the best till the two of you get better and then pick up where you left off?