Monday, September 29, 2014

We're Back

We're Back

It has been eight long months since I have written a post in my blog and I thought I would write what has been happening to us. Where we have been; where we are; and where we hope to be in the future. This is going to be a new journey for me to try to tell a story of how we have gotten to where we are now.

I stopped writing because I thought I had said all that I wanted to say without sounding condescending or like I had all the answers. Plus Bobbie’s dad has taken more of our time and I found it hard to concentrate on what I wanted to write about so I let it slide. Saying to myself I’ll get to it next week and when that week came and went, I promised myself again next week. Well 32 weeks later I think I have something to say, well for a bit anyway. lol.

My fil has taken a bunch of our time because he needs our assistance more now than he ever has. And that in itself has been a challenge to us. He has broken up our time so much that we couldn’t plan anything for ourselves. As much as I hate to say this, there have been times that he has been a burden because he is in your face all the time. He can’t go anywhere without our assistance and because like the rest of us when he wants something he wants it now.

His needs are different than ours. When we want to relax, he wants something to eat. When we watch TV, he changes the channels to watch his program. He needs our attention on so many different levels that we don’t have time for “US”. But on the other side of the coin he is a blessing because as I have stated before he has and continues to amaze me with his knowledge and kindness (most of the time). He, still to this day, teaches me new things about myself and our relationship. How to look at things differently. How to be more compassionate to others and not to be so quick with my anger.

During that time we have gotten (looking for a word to describe it) not real busy, not running around but lazy, yes lazy, we kept putting it off trying to get “US” time in. We had become complacent. We started to drift our own way. But then one day while having coffee waiting for fil to wake up so we can give him his breakfast, we got started talking about our DD relationship. She asked me if I missed it and I said yes I did and she said that she missed it too. 

So here I am (we are) writing again. How long will this last? Haven’t a clue but hopefully you will be entertained and that someday you might find something that could help you in your walk with your spouse or if you happen to leave a reply, you all could give me something new to help us out.