Monday, January 27, 2014

Close Encounter of a Third Kind with a DD Couple


The longer you study and talk to likeminded people of any interest you may have, you are bound to meet a person or persons with the same interest and Domestic Discipline is no different. This is the story of our encounter of the DD kind.

The First Encounter

Many years ago before there was a DD Bobbie and Bob there was just Bob trying to find his compass so he could navigate his way through the vast DD universe. He would read books and scour the web’s network for information on how to build a lasting relationship in DD and how to convince his wife to embrace the DD lifestyle. He searched alone in DD darkness.

Sitting in front of his control council he warily went to the Google search bot and for the hundredth time of some variation he typed in the words “DD life style”. Rubbing his tired eyes and looking up he notices a new list of names that he hasn’t seen before so Bob started to investigate the new web sites that were on his screen. Three of them were a bust and had nothing to do with DD but were just more porn sites. With a sigh he went to the next web page down the list. Nothing but pay sites or buy my book to become a better Master or turn your woman into the slave she was meant to be. So down the list I went, seen it, don’t think so, stopping raising an eyebrow how they do that then thinking of Bobbie in that position naw that would take forever to do.

After the first page the light at the end of the tunnel was growing dim and I slowly started to think there was no such group on the internet. I went to the next page and on the middle of that page was Joannie and Friends a DD forum The summary read that it was a place to meet people to ask questions and talk to likeminded people. There was a statement to their beliefs and what they were trying to accomplish. They didn’t want players or people that pretended to be in a DD relationship. They wanted real DD people who could contribute to their little community. I sat up straighter my eyes got a little brighter as I read the information on the screen. The only catch was you had to send a little bio of yourself and what you hoped to get out of the forum. I sat there staring at the screen and saying what the…? What kind of group is this? Why do they want to know what I want to accomplish when even I didn’t know what I wanted or expected? I backed away from the thought of writing to Joannie that I wanted to join their DD cult.

Close Encounter of the Second Kind

As the days turned into nights I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned always dreaming of that inferno site, Joannie and Friends. I would picture myself having a good time talking to people and learning new things about DD with Bobbie right by my side or over my knees being just as excited as I was about DD and spankings. The following day while we were having supper I suddenly had this strange urge come over me like I was in a trance. I reached into the bowel of mashed potatoes with my hands and then started to build a sculptor of a man with a woman over his knees getting spanked and then took the Russian dressing and sparingly applied it to her backside to give it the appearance of a red butt. Bobbie with her mouth wide open staring at me as if I lost my mind said “what are you *&&%amp;^%$# doing? If you think I am cleaning this mess up your nuts” and then her voice grew fainter and fainter till I didn’t hear it any more

That is when I knew I had to do something. Plus I couldn’t stand it anymore so I started to run to the computer, tripped over the dog got back up sat down at the computer and wrote an email to Joannie stating that I would like to join her forum, my experience is very small, didn’t know what I could contribute to the group because I didn’t know anything about them and that I wanted to learn about the DD lifestyle then I hit the send button before I could change my mind. Two weeks later still no email so I sent her a copy of the first email and then that afternoon I got a reply from her with a password to enter the forum.

I quickly became familiar with the landscape of the web page and was asking questions that day and I was getting replies back later that day. I was so happy to finely be able to talk to people and they have their own chat room.

As I was reading the questions and answers in the forum and sometimes talking in the chat room, Bobbie would start to look over my shoulder to see what I was doing. She would make comments like “That’s is so wrong! You’re not going to hit me with that thing. Don’t even get the idea that you’re going to spank me like that.” As she read more and more of the questions and answers, her complaints and demands were less and less. Soon she was sitting next to me reading along side of me and asking questions and I told her to write it down and ask herself which she declined.

After a couple of months Bobbie became a member of the site and was just reading. She didn't want to come into chat because she said she felt out of place. Soon the force of the tih’s soothed her restlessness and convinced her to come into chat and she quickly became friends with a couple of tih’s in chat.

I quickly became friends with a few of the regulars that came into chat at night and it turned out that the one lady that was on the most was also in the same state as me and as we talked and got to know each other, we both talked about how great it would be to meet for lunch one day. So the die was cast a date was set for March and a restaurant was picked and now all I had to do was tell Bobbie.

Close Encounter of the Third Kind

I had a whole month to break it to Bobbie that we were going to meet complete strangers that enjoy spanking and having a DD relationship like we want. The conversation went something like this…

“Honey what do you think of Angel?”

“She seems like a nice person very interesting to talk to”

“What would you think if we were to meet someone from the group?”

Eye brows raise, lips start to thin out turning white and her voice started to raise several octaves higher. “Explain to me what meet them is. Not like to see them in person and you haven’t said you would meet them did you?”

Seeing the panic in her face I calmly lied to her and said “nope I would never do anything like that without talking to you first Bobbie.”

As the days went on I would drop subtle hints to Bobbie how great it would be to talk to someone who thinks like me and how you might like them. Bobbie looking at me with great trepidation in her voice said “What would we talk about? How are we going to hold a conversation you know how shy I am? Are you going to talk about spanking in the restaurant? Oh god if you do I’ll just crawl under the table”

The second week I finally told her that I was going to meet Angel and her husband John and if she wanted to come to lunch she was more than welcome. After answering all her questions of the why’s and when’s of the luncheon, she agreed to come with me.

In some fun sadistic way I was enjoying all the facial expressions coming from Bobbie’s face because just about every day she had a question for me about this luncheon we were going to.

“Do you know what they look like?”

“Nope I haven’t a clue”

“What do you know about them?”

“They are farmers or were farmers, she has a horse arena to teach kids to ride horses and use to board other horses in their barn.”

“Oh no we are not going to their house. What happens if they are serial killers. How is anyone going to know where we are?”

“Don’t worry Bobbie I left all the information of what we are doing on the computer table with their address and phone numbers.”

“What happens if we don’t like them or they don’t like us?”

“Then we eat our food real fast and say we have to go”

For the rest of the ride I could see Bobbie war with herself. She turned to me open her moth to say something but no words came out. Then she would turn around and look out the window and do the same thing all over again. For the next hour she looked like a fish out of water opening and closing her mouth saying nothing.

We got to the restaurant about 20 minutes earlier than what was expected of us so we went in and waited for our guests to arrive. Trying to talk to Bobbie while she is all wound up is near impossible to do, she just doesn't’t speak she kind of grunts like an Indian does in the movies LOL.

I think it is amazing how you can tell who the people are that you are going to meet for the first time. As they walk in you just know that they are the ones you’re supposed to meet. I felt like I was Spider Man using my spidy senses knowing what was going to happen next as they looked up I waved my hand and a smile flashed across her face and dispensed with the introductions of who we are and our real names.

We talked for 2.5 hrs. Not once did DD or any type of spanking come up. We talked about everything else. It was really strange to talk to these great folks as if we knew them for ages. At first Bobbie was very quiet, but Angel drew her out of hiding and soon had her talking and talking and talking (well you get the picture).

As the luncheon was drawing to a close, we were saying our good byes to each other when out of the blue Angel asked us if we wanted to come to their house for more coffee. I turned to Bobbie and the expression on her face was of sheer terror. I then asked her if she wanted to have coffee at their house and telling her that we would have to leave before four o’clock because we had to get her dad his supper. She said that was fine with a tight voice and told them that we would follow them to their house.

While we were following them Bobbie said "how are they going to find us now?"

"You been watching too many Criminal Minds programs" laughing "did you notice how old they are? They would die of a heart attack trying to move us to get rid of the evidence"

As we pulled into the side of the house there sat a back hoe and I thought there goes the heart attack theory of them trying to move our bodies. We both looked at each other then I smiled and said naa not going to happen so into the old farm house we went and was taken to their living room.

As John went to make coffee, I found out that I remembered too many Criminal Minds episodes and started to think of a few of them and how this one couple picked up two strangers and took them home and then… then I pushed it out of my mind and we talked about DD and spanking. Angel said they had been in their DD lifestyle for 10 yrs. on her 60th birthday.

During our short stay of two more hours they gave us some good common sense advice. To take our time, not to worry what others say about our DD relationship and most importantly of all to make this our own because no two relationships are the same and everyone is different.

So this was the first of many visits we have had with them. We have become very close friends and have met more like minded people over the years.