Friday, February 1, 2013

We're Sick

This week has not been a good week Bobbie and me have been fighting like cats and dogs for a couple of weeks now (old cats and dogs that is).

You see both of us are under the weather not up to par, so  when one of us feels like the other is intruding on his or her space we show our teeth growl and hope to goodness that we both stay away from each other. Actually when you see how we hobble around you will know that neither of us are going to hurt one another.

You see she has a pinched nerve on her left leg and my right knee is damaged so I have to use a cane to get around.

This brings me to my question how does one maintain a DD relationship when both are sick?
Do you keep write things down on a secret ledger when your partner crosses the line so you can settle it later or do you just say the heck with it and hope for the best till the two of you get better and then pick up where you left off?



  1. I think you guys decide what works for you. I hope you guys feel better, however.

  2. My new knee is doing well but that will probably change this coming week when the therapist comes to work with me on bending the knee and yes it is up to us.I think that we will call it a wash and a learning experience for the next time.surprisingly we are more circle towards each other than I thought we would be.

  3. Hope that you are feeling better, Bob. There are ways to do DD even through sickness...if spanking is not an option, there are things like lines, corner time, etc. Enforced rest times and so on. Taking away privileges, like book-reading time (right, Minelle?) and so on. It can help to keep a sense of structure even when there are physical limitations.

    1. Thank you Anastasia for stopping by.
      My new knee is doing a lot better thank you for very much.
      In the beginning we decided to put it on hold because of all the things that were going on in our lives.
      We are getting back to our proper roles with alternative discipline, she now is restricted from her books and computer time.
      Thanks for the suggestions in your post