Monday, December 16, 2013

New Toys for Christmas



All is quiet at the Vader Bob and Bobbie household. Everyone here, believe it or not, is a happy camper. Even Walter is happy. He has only been scowling at me and not saying much. So, not having much to do, I sit here pondering the fate on how to aggravate my friends. Not just any friends mind you,but our spanking friends.

As I rummage through my mind about the normal things to give like wooden spoons, spatulas, paint sticks and other household weapons of a** destruction, I was mentally checking them off as I was thinking of them in my mind.

After that exercise in futility, I drew a big blank, then suddenly a ray of light came through the window blinding me. I started to get up and I saw the rope lights that we put on the Christmas tree and I suddenly had the Idea of the perfect gift. I was so shocked by the idea that I had to sit down and catch my breath.

Bobbie looked at me with concern because she knew it meant one of two things were going to happen. One, I was going to suggest going to the cone of silence and she wanted no part of it; and two, that I had come up with a gift idea for our spanko friends. Looking at me with trepidation and standing close to the outside door ready to book out of Dodge City at the drop of a dime, she asked me are you ok?  

Me, smiling like a loon, speaking fast, I found the perfect gift. In fact I don’t think anyone has even thought of it. It is ingenious of me to think of it. I told Bobbie about my idea and the smile that came across her face was priceless. She told me you know that they may never talk to you again as we both laughed evilly.

Why are all of you looking at me like that? Oh! Ha! Ha! I haven’t told you what it is yet. Silly me. The toy that I was talking about is the glow sticks that you buy the kids at carnivals. You shake them up and they glow for hours. It amuses the heck out of the kids. Just think of the fun you can have with your tih over the knee, couch, chair heck even slightly bent over striking her lightly at first to see what kind of sting it produces and just think of all the ouches and darn you's that you will elicit from her.

I know some of you nay sayers out there are saying bad Bob I don't like stingy implements. But have no fear I have that covered too, because you can get the big brother glow stickst hat you use for walking at night. Now you too can enjoy the same pleasures that your fellow tih’s are enjoying. Aren’t you happy I thought of you too?

As you can see this has opened up a whole new way to play spanking games. For example, for the hunter, the tih can either have the small glow in the dark bracelet while the HOH has the big glow stick. Set her free to go hide and after a set amount of time the HOH would go looking for his tih. Will he be stealthy looking for his prey? Or will he try to flush her out by calming by saying he knows where she is and hoping she will give her position away and if he finds her he can give her a set number of spanks for getting caught.

For the sport minded person, you can compete against your friends as to who will have the bragging rights to how many spanks that were given or taken. Same rules as above apply, but put the game on a time limit and the one with the most spanks given or received is the winner. Make it real fun and have trophies or plaques that the winner can take home till the following year.

But oh why oh why stop there! If you let your imagination run wild as I have done, you can come up with more exciting games using the glow in the dark technology. You have markers, paint and tape to name a few.

For the HOH artist out there you have the indelible markers, you can have your tih bend over or lie on the bed very still of course so you can use your artistic abilities and paint some fabulous targets on her backside. But why stop there. You can make a whole glow in the dark landscape along with trees and buildings too. Now the challenge would be to see if you could set the buildings aflame. As always please have a fire extinguisher handy in case the fire goes out of control.

Not artistic? No problem. You can design a fireplace nothing elaborate just an open rectangle and draw some wood in it and voila you have a fireplace. But now the fun starts. Since it is cold outside wouldn’t it be nice to start a fire for your tih? Take that paddle and show her your survival skills? That by applying two objects together you can start a fire? Now the both of you will be nice and toasty.

Glow in the dark duct tape is another wonderful product that you can let your imagination go wild. You can wrap it around the paddle so you will never lose it in the dark again.Or you can frame your tih’s backside and turn off all the lights and well you know what to do.

I am sure that this is just the tip of the iceberg in what can be done with glow in the dark technology. What are some of the ideas that you have come up with that I have missed?

 These would make great stocking stuffers too. Just think of the fun and squeals of joy you would hear from your partner when they open them up.



  1. SM found a box of those glow necklaces in the garage the other day. He immediately whipped out a purple
    one, set it glowing, and promptly set about making my bottom glow too. It was fun. :)

  2. hilarious! I love sting....but these implements just hurt! trust me! oops I forgot that's the point. ok well handle with caution. Bobbie.. .good luck and stay very still lol

  3. You think you are so very clever don't you I can just tell. Good idea

  4. LOL Bob...very creative ideas you have. ;) Here's an idea for those who don't draw...get a stencil of whatever design you want, attach it to the bare bottom, fill in the stencil with your choice of neon and/or glow in the dark paints, carefully remove the stencil and Voila!


  5. LoL Bob, how thoughtful of you to think of your spanko friends :) What wonderful creative ideas! Hours of fun to be had :)


  6. Lol, Bob - you would come up with some evil stingy implement idea, wouldn't you? ;)

  7. Bob, you are just cruel!!!! lol I might need to make sure the Duke never visits back here. Too many dangerous ideas. ;)

    1. BTW, been hearing people can't find my blog since I had to move, so wanted you to have the new url in case you didn't get it. Hope you have a GREAT Christmas. :)

  8. There's a reason we haven't called you share too many "ideas"! I have to protect myself, ya know!!!!! :-)