Monday, August 5, 2013

Plea for Help

Hello my dear friends.

I need your help because I am at a lost of what to write, my mind is not cooperating with me and I can't come up with a post so after much thought that I would like have an open request week.

What is on your mind that you would like me to write about? If you have a question you would like me to write about, please leave a response to this post with your question(s) and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.

Thanks for participating.




  1. hi bob :) i have been away on vacation but over the last few weeks we have gotten out of the 'groove' and well.... how do we get back IN the groove? i'm sending out a plea of help to you and i'm hoping you'll have some good advice for me. :)


  2. I can only say that you need to write about what interests you. For a little inspiration, try this. Go to My Bottom Smarts, and visit each of the 25 blogs in her Good and Hot blogroll. That might give you some ideas.


  3. Hi Bob,
    My wife, Kim, seems to be having a hard time giving up that final bit of control and fully submitting to me. How do I help her with this?

  4. Bob, I know you are a SpankO or I'd better say
    To like spanking and have spanking in the relationship is one thing. But having the discipline and spanking for discipline is another thing.
    For me two totally different things.

    Why have you introduced discipline spanking into your relationship?
    Why DD and not D / s, or congenitiv therapy that does not hurt at Bobbies butt .. lol? ...

    As you understand, I have difficult to understand to give pain and give pain to someone that I LOVE. You do not hurt someone you love.
    I would be intreserad know how you thought, your thought thread ..
    I believe that when God handed out the understanding of this, I've been playing hooky from the lesson ... lol ..

    Hugs, Bob.
    Mona Lisa.

  5. Hey Bob :) Have you or Bobbie ever started to have second thoughts about DD? Is so, what did you do about it?

  6. I'm with Queenie. Let's hear more about the two of you... Um, just a suggestion.

  7. my husband and I work together (in tight quarters) as we are over the road truck drivers..well he drives and I due to medical issues can't work/drive so I navigate and help in any way I can. my question is do you ever get overwhelmed being the HOH? Though we have been married 12 wonderful years we are really new to this part of our relationship and we love it. have never had this peace and closeness. I just worry that being with me 24/7 doesn't he need an off switch so to speak. he says he loves his new role and I really believe he does but I put myself in his shoes and I would be soo incredibly overwhelmed. could you give us ladies possibly some insight into the male psyche of being the HOH/disciplinarian/dom...I agree with Wilma and Queenie as well, I love hearing about the dynamics of others relationships and have learned a lot. Thank-you

  8. I've been sending links from some of your posts to my non-spanko hubby - anything to help him understand better. My favorite one of yours is Bobbie's First GG Spanking - it is not only insightful, it's hot. So anything more that you want to share about your love of spanking, and the dynamic of a couple where only one is a true spanko, would be great. And also just the progress and closeness that all this has brought into your relationship, which is always encouraging. Thanks!

  9. Hmm, I have to come up with some good suggestions for ya! :)