Saturday, March 23, 2013

Strange Vacation

This is part 2 of  "The Strange Vacation," if you haven't read part one yet please go to Elis Blog  New Beginnings  she has the first part of the story. We hope you enjoy it  and thanks for stopping by

 Oberon is looking at the unfolding events in front of him in fascination wondering what he is going to do ro her, while listening to Tana screaming for him to let her go and other worldly words of what she is going to do to him when she gets out.

Tom clasping her hands in his and looks her in the eyes “what was it that I told you not to do”

Sue stammering “a, a, not to ah buy hum any thing a at the store” her mouth suddenly goes desert dry

“That’s right and what did I say that was going to happen to you if you did?”

 “That I was going to be one sorry girl and I was not going to be able to sit down for a couple of days?”

“See your memory is returning to you and how am I going to do that?

“Tom please don’t make me say it can’t you just do it, please?”

“Don’t make it any harder on yourself than it already is now tell me”

With a sigh of defeat she said, “You, your going to s-sp spank me, there happy now”

 “No I am not happy about it, not at all” as he unbuckles her belt.

Oberon now totally mesmerized by what is unfolding in front of him and thinking of a way to do this to his wife Tana.

A whimper escapes from Sue’s mouth as she is watching her shorts being lowered down to her knees “Please Tom can’t we talk about this? I am sorry I don’t know why I bought that jacket it was like I had to buy it.”

“We are fixing it right now” as he pulls her over his lap adjusting her in the right position for her spanking

Looking at the carpet, she turns her head looking at Tom “Please forgive me. I am sorry Tom. I really don’t know why I bought it I truly don’t” as the first of many swats hits her buttocks.

Oberon watching the scenario unfolding before him suddenly is starting to feel differently, more empowered as if for the first time he is confident in being a male.

Tom smacking her ass as if marching up and down a football field making sure every inch of her backside is an even shade of dark pink. “Am I helping you in getting your memory back yet?”

Taking deep breaths and drumming her legs into the carpet “Yes, yes, you are ouch, ouch, not on the same spot that hurts ouuuuuuuch”

Giving her that same age old answer that no one wants to hear while they are getting spanked “spankings are suppose to hurt my dear” as he assaults her rear end stopping

long enough to pull her panties down to her knees and rubs her butt so she can catch her breath.

Feeling the cold air wash across her flanks and his hand working their magic by rubbing up and down her buns, she starts mewing and moving her rear on his lap. With half closed eyes Sue says “if you let me up I’ll reward you handsomely for showing me mercy. I can tell you want to” wiggling harder on his lap.

Oberon is totally enthralled at the event that is unfolding in front of him and almost lost control of his spell of keeping his very angry wife in her little prison. Tana yelling at him to let her go and is describing a every painful way that she was going to get even with him for what he has done to her. 

Tom rubbing her butt groaning at the way she is grinding on his lap and making him very uncomfortable, he almost gave in but he had a lesson to teach her. With his hand on the small of her back his grip tightens and brings her closer to him “tempting my dear but we have unfinished business to tend to” he renews his assault on her tush concentrating on her sit spot.

Sue, now abandoning to try seducing her husband is now consecrating on the burn in her backside is pounding the carpeting with her fists and her feet. The slap, slap, slap on her derriere correlates to the burn, burn, burn on her sit spot. Then suddenly the pain starts to shift to pleasure as she starts to feel the wetness between her legs and she starts raising her butt to meet his now pleasurable hand.

Tana is now starting to wonder if she will be released from her prison, is now starting to calm down and thinking that she may have been a tad bit wrong in meddling in the creature’s affairs. Then just as fast as she thought she was wrong her anger took over and she started to use all her magic to get out and to hurt her husband for what he has done to her.

Tom feeling her body relaxing slows down the spanking and starts rubbing her butt and going between her legs feeling her and finding her wetness, Sue moans loudly as he presses first one finger then two into her honey pot.

Oberon has learned everything that he needs to do to his wife to take her in hand. He is grateful for the creature's for unknowingly teaching him what to do. He starts to figure out a plan to teach his wife a lesson.

Tom lifts Sue up from his lap and positions her on his knees making sure that her butt is hanging off collecting the cool air around her scorched cheeks. He rubs her back with one hand and the other is seeking out the wetness between her legs. Telling her that he forgives her and starts talking to her in a low voice of all the things he is going to do to her as soon as he gets her on the bed.

Sue gasps in surprise “no way you can’t do that, are you?” Her hips are on a mission to prove her wrong and that yes indeed he can and will do every thing he said and more.

With a great shake the drawer that was Tana’s prison popped open and in all her female fury she starts to say an incantation to punish everyone that was in the room for her embarrassment.

However Oberon was immediately there and grabbed her by her arm and flew her to the top of the dresser. With great rage, Tana unleashed her fury at him thinking that she sent him to some other world and when she opened her eyes to her astonishment, he was still there.

Oberon roars enough “you have done enough damage to last a life time but this ends today. You will submit to me or you will face my wrath”

Tana still blinded by her fury says “I will never bow to you my husband for you are too gentle and are afraid of me, so be gone and let me do what I want to these wretched creatures. They are both pathetic grabbing each other like that.”   

The eyes of Oberon grow dark and the wind starts to twirl around the room. He picks her up and roughly puts her over his knees “How dare you confuse my kindness for weakness. I have warned you to obey me and what do you do? You mock me for this insolence you will be punished”

“What trickery is this? You holding me over your lap is this the fury you speak of? I tremble in your presence.”

 Raising his hand high above his head, he lets loose a volley of stinging spanks to her derriere splat, spank, and spank, spank “how does this feel wife?

Tana feels the hard spanks on her butt “ouch, owe, ouch what are you doing to me? What sorcery is this? Stop this now”

While delivering several slaps to her backside, Oberon has found a rhythm in spanking his wife "You my dear are going nowhere until you promise me no more medaling” he continues to spank the meaty part of her butt but then he remembers the creature striking the bottom part of her butt and tries that. Her howls were the only response he needed to hear.

Tana really jumps when he struck her lower part of her butt by her thighs. Suddenly she feels a hand on the lower part of her dress and it was following up the contour of her legs and stops just below the top of her hips “what are you doing to me? Stop this now before you really regret this ,stop it I say”

Oberon has never seen any thing so stunning in all his years of life while looking at the red buttocks “obviously you have learned nothing, but before the stars hide for the day you will be repentive of your deeds...” he starts spanking her again “do I make myself clear wife?”

Starting to feel distraught, Tana is swinging her legs up and down and her hand reaches back to protect the assault on her rear, but he grabs the hand and pins it to the middle of her back with out missing a beat on her mounds. “Ouch, stop, ouch, ok, ok lets make a deal ouch”

Oberon knows he has won but wants to make sure that she understands what will happen if she ever does this again. He pulls her green panties down to her knees and hears a loud screech form Tana.

The realization has finely come to Tana that her husband has bested her and there is nothing for her to do but to concede and agree to what his demands are. When she feels her last protection of her backside is taken down she breaks “no please don’t take them down please show mercy, I concede, I concede, I will do what ever you want but just stop”

Oberon was about to stop when he just remembered the final flurry of spanks the creature gave before he stopped. Smiling to himself, he steels himself for the finale. Once again, he starts to spank not only her butt but also her thighs “mercy, you want mercy when you never gave any?” swat, splat “are you going to listen to me from now on?” spank

“Yes, ouch aaaiiiiiiiii, yes I will I will never do it again” as she starts to cry

“Will you obey me?”

Howling “Yes please stop I am on fire I beseech you to have mercy on me”

“I think a little more and we will see if what you say is true wife of mine”

“Oh yes I promise, I promise I will” suddenly all the resistance that she had has left her body and she just lays there taking her spanking and sobbing

Oberon gives her ten hard spanks on her sit spot and when she does not move he stops spanking her “It is over now Tana your punishment is over I forgive you” He picks her up and places her on his knee, soothing her while she hiccups and cries on his shoulder.

Tana is listening to him tell her how proud he was of her and she somehow felt closer to him than in a millium. She wipes her nose on his shirt telling him that she was truly sorry for what she has done.

Suddenly there is a loud shriek in the room, Oberon looks up and sees the two creature's pointing their fingers at them and then the room is quiet.

Tom stammers “wa, what are you? Can you understand me?”

Oberon realizes that while he was spanking his wife he let the spell down so they can be seen. He lifts Tana up and holds her tight “yes we understand you”

Sue “how did you get here” as she is hiding behind Tom

“Let me introduce ourselves my name is King Oberon and this is my wife Queen Tana. We live in another time and dimension and the earrings are our method of travel.” Grabbing his wife closer he proceeds to tell them what happened and apologized to Tom and Sue for being the brunt of Tana’s wrath. “Just because she was mad at me she took her anger out on you to strike back at me. Thanks to you, you have taught me how to keep my wife in hand.

I, we owe you our gratitude for saving Tana from hurting other life forms.”

Tom and Sue looking at each other “we taught you how?”

“When I was observing your method of helping your female mate to relinquish her control I knew that was what I needed to make Tana understand to stop her destructive nature. What do you call that what you did?

Sue laughing behind Tom’s back “oh my gosh who would have thought. We umm call it spanking”

 “That is what we will call it then Spanking. Tana apologize to them for your repulsive attitude.”’

Tana’s mouth opens up but nothing comes out. She closes it and starts to get angry again. “How dare you make me apologize to these creature's?  I apologize to no one.”    

No sooner did the words leave her mouth she found herself back over her husband’s knees again with her dress up and panties down being spanked.

Oberon spanking her for all he was worth “How dare you embarrass me again. Obviously you have learned nothing.” Concentrating on her sit spot, he continued to spank. Tana was beside herself. Soon she was promising every one anything they wanted. She wanted this spanking to be over. “Are you learning your lesson?” slap, spank “not talking? Well I will do this all day if I have to. Do you understand?”

Tana wailing loudly “aaarrrrrrgggg yes yes I have learned my lesson. I will not do any of this again. Please boo hooo! boo hooo! Oberon have ouch, mercy plleeesssseee” she gives up all hope of being released and just lays there sobbing into her hands

Oberon stops spanking her “are you ready to apologize now” he gives one more swat just to make sure he means it.

Struggling to get off his lap her hands go back to her butt and she screeches from just touching her rump looking very contrite “I, I am sniff so sorry f for hurting y you please forgive me”  

She stiffly walks to her husband and takes her place by his side looking at him with new respect.

Oberon asked Tom “Would you be so gracious as to take us back to our original location? We need to be at that location to get back home because we do not have enough fuel to return.  

Oberon satisfied that Tana is sincere in her apologies, thanks Tom and Sue again for unknowingly helping them with their problem.

Tana and Oberon walk hand in hand to their ship wave good bye and enter into their ships (earrings).

Sue picks up the earrings and puts them in her pocket, smiling she latches on to Tom’s arm to return to the antique store. When they arrive at the store, no one is there Sue is yelling hello and looking for the old lady. When no one answers, she was looks at Tom to find out what to do when all of a sudden the old lady was standing next to her. Both Sue and Tom jumped when the old lady touches both of their arms

She said “oh how nice you two came back. What can I do for you sweetie?”

Sue holding her chest “We came back to return this pair of earrings that you gave me, we are done using them”

With a twinkle in the old woman’s eyes said “Yes, yes, I know young lady yes indeed you are done aren’t you”

Sue places the earrings in the old woman’s hand and closes her deformed fingers around the earrings saying “thank you for lending us the earrings that was nice of you”

“No, thank you for keeping them safe for me” she places the earrings right were they were before Sue took them.

Sue and Tom glance at each other then turn to say goodbye to her but she is nowhere to be found. They quickly leave the store never to speak of it again.



The End


  1. Way to go Bob! My favorite line in the whole story is

    “How dare you confuse my kindness for weakness. I have warned you to obey me and what do you do? You mock me for this insolence you will be punished”

    Might be something many of us should think about in real life.


    1. Yes there is a lot of truth in that saying


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Sunnygirl
      I am glad you liked it


  3. Bob you have to keep writing! This story was so much fun. I enjoyed the fantasy!

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  5. That was well worth the wait Bob. I really enjoyed your story. It was very unique and even had a few lessons if one is paying attention. Thanks for the Saturday entertainment!
    BTW, the line "it's a spanking, it's supposed to hurt" really made me smile. My husband has said those exact words and I really hated to hear it at the time, lol!

  6. Your so very welcome Queenie
    I enjoyed writing it plus Bobbie is starting to get into proof reading my stories.

  7. Fun story Bob...thanks so much! Will be looking forward to the next one.


  8. This was a fun and unique story Bob, thank you. Looking forward to more stories from you.


  9. Thank you Roz,
    I enjoyed writing it, who would ever have thought that I would be writing story's surly it wasn't me but here I am writing.


  10. Bob,
    thanks for a great story, I echo the others, I hope that you will write more.

    1. Thank you Paul for the kind words


  11. So late getting here. Enjoyed reading it. Thank you.

    I do hope you will write more for us.


    1. As long as you make it here, your never to late. The door is always open
      Glad you enjoyed it.