Tuesday, September 10, 2019

We're Back

Well hello again to everyone in blog land. I can't believe that it's been three-plus years since my last post. I sometimes look at my blog and shake my head over three years of not writing anything. So much for a small break. 

Isn’t it funny when you have a routine doing a project or activity on a regular basis and then stop doing it for whatever reason there is this little voice in your head always telling you that you forgot to do this thing that was a part of your daily activity? Well that voice never went away and I finally caved to that nagging voice in my head.

After my last post, this is what my weekly norm was like. Phase one: I would type a paragraph then erase it repeat it several times because I didn't like it. It felt like I didn't have anything more to say, It looked like (to me) I was getting to the point where I was repeating myself; and if you are like me I hate having to read something that has been repeated. It was like as if I was beating a dead horse. I also didn't want you the reader to be bored with the blog I have more respect for you and your time than do that to you. Plus I didn't want to run this into the ground. I wanted to go out on a good note.
Towards the end of my short-lived writing career, Bobbie (bless her heart)would track me doing my new routine. Staring at the computer, peck at the keyboard then erase it. Then I would get up. Walk around and then go back to the computer. Erase what I wrote then stare at the computer as if it would type something magically telling me what to write about.

Bobbie’s radar started chirping madly when I stopped and looked at her with pleading eyes knowing that her time had come when I would drag her into my dilemma of writers' block.  

Bobbie was magnificent! She should have won an Oscar for playing her part perfectly. She sat there listening to me as if I were the only person in the world that had a problem. No eye rolls no banging her head on the kitchen table. It was truly amazing.

After I asked her the question, she took my hands into hers and said, "What about this? I told her did that "Then what about that?" I again told her did it already. 

 Then with a big smile, she said: “Write about your favorite sport SPANKING.” That got a big smile from me but then I realize how many people have the time to read a small book on my thoughts on spanking? Not many I would think.

 Then with an exasperated voice, she calmly said "Well then you’re the HOH in this family I am sure you will come up with something or go talk to Walter he'll be able to give you some advice" Then walked away to make dinner.

 A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a couple of my blogger friends telling them I was thinking of writing again and to my surprise, they agreed that I should. 

 The seed has been planted and starting to grow. How long will this little adventure last? I honestly can't answer that. I am going to try a different approach the writings will be on my mind. It will be about DD. The evil things that Bobbie does to me to get my blood boiling and her dad with his OCD ways to drive us nuts and how we are coping with his Parkinson's.

 So what have we been doing for three years? We have been active in the DD community and just shifted gears in another direction. I may or may not have mentioned it before but Bobbie and I have been monitoring a DD chat room for the past six years. 

We have made some very close friends there and some not so close. We try to use this room as a platform to help other like-minded people pointing them to the sites we trust to find the information they are seeking about DD and to talk about how they incorporated DD into their relationship and life in general. If you are interested in checking us out by clicking on the link The DD Chat Room.

Walter is still with us and yes his hearing is still amazing. The man can hear everything but unfortunately, he needs more of our help which keeps us close to the house so we can be of assistance to him (boss us around) lol.

Then there is our two dogs who think they own us the way they make us run around chasing them and doing their bidding letting them out and chasing them when they steal things from our bedroom. 

 So I am going to have plenty of time to write something on my blog and maybe, just maybe meet some new friends along the way. If you are game for some entertainment stop by and see what is on my mind and maybe we can swap some ideas about DD. 

Oh yeah questions are more than welcome here and all will be answered if we can.

One of the things that I learned from being off for three-plus years is that I came to the realization that if we don't talk or post how can other people who are either searching or want to talk to like-minded people. It is a good place to know they are not alone in TTWD.



  1. I SHOULD wait until you answer your comments from 3 years ago, but seeing how you apparently no longer work at warp speed, I'll let it go. THIS TIME, but if it takes you 3 years again mister....

    Good to see you back in this arena. I received and email the other day from a non blogging woman who just finished reading my entire blog ( I know right?). She mentioned to me missing out on the heydays of blogging based on the length and quality of comments. The discussion that were had in the comments were every bit as important as the posts themselves. I miss that too. I miss blogs that are more than just comments on how great they are. LOL...Oh now I sound jaded. In short, I miss the genuine interaction between people that is not a popularity contest, but a true exchange of thoughts and support. So here's hoping this venture for you provides us BOTH with that.

    I shall go shake some trees and send some newer friends over ( I noticed your blogroll is a tad antique). Good luck!


    1. Willie if you would of checked before you answered this post I beat you I answered your post.
      Mr. slowski wins again woooooo hooooooooooo
      I do hope that I can get some good conversations from the people that visit here. Keeping fingers crossed


    2. Feel free to pinch Bobbie for me for not informing me you actually went back and answered your comments! lol

    3. I will take her to the cone of silence and do an attitude adjustment on her lol

  2. Hi Mignon.

    Thank you for the warm welcome back.


  3. Hi Bob,

    What a wonderful surprise to see you pop up in my blogger dashboard! Welcome back! I have been wondering how are. Looking forward to hearing more from you :)


  4. Roz, how the heck are you doing?

    So glad to hear from you, if you could send me a email I would love to keep in touch with you