Friday, December 25, 2015

Give Thanks

Wow this year flew by real fast didn't it? I was staring at the screen for the thousandth time wondering what I was going to write and sitting here in the quiet room because both Bobbie and Walter are snoring their little hearts, out I decided to write about what I am thankful for in our DD relationship.

I know those of us that have initiated DD first to our spouse or partner had a rough road and more than likely been may not be to where we want or perceive our DD relationship to be and at times it is reflected in our writings on how it is a struggle to maintain.  

First off I am thankful for Bobbie. For without her none of this would have happened. I might still be dreaming about DD or spanking some girl. She has come so far from being the vanilla queen of non kink to (drum role please) Mrs. Vader mistress of the dark side lol.

She has embraced DD after struggling trying to find her comfort zone in our DD relationship. She is becoming active in the DD community trying to help others searching for answers in their walk with DD. No we are not perfect and we still fight and bug each other but now we have learned how to talk to each other to solve our differences.

I am thankful for the friends that I have made in blog land although we may never see each other we have a common bond in that we support one another in our trials and tribulations.

You all are amazingly supportive. I have seen you circle the wagons when one of us are hurting, attacked, cheer for our successes and when one of us has a bitch session you also lend us your ear.

I am thankful for the close friends we have made chatting, texting and emailing each other. Through casual chats we have made some very close friends and have met them several times.

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  1. Hi Bob, lovely post, Mrs. Vader lol. I 'm so glad that you and Bobbie have found what works for you. It isn't always perfect, but ttwd gives us tools to resolve those not so perfect moments. Communication being the most important IMHO.

    I am so thankful for the wonderful people in this community. The support and friendship truly is amazing. I hope you, Bobbie and family had a wonderful Christmas day :)