Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tips On Being a Leader


If you are new to this TTWD, or are going to be the HOH in your home, it is imperative that you take the ships helm of your household because you are now going to be the captain of your ship. Just think how much easier it will be sailing through the rough seas of life with a shipmate and crew that didn’t panic when rough waters are crashing into the hull of the ship, instead of watching your crew run around in confusion floundering in the sea, pushed by the waves here and there, taking you ever closer to the rocks.

The reason that you are becoming the leader can be just about anything. It could be that you may have been the person that was laid back or your wife was the captain for a while and she said she is not doing it anymore. It may be because of your job or any number of other reasons. However, you’re just not sure of what to do and you’re not prepared to lead your household.

How many times have you witness a person either at work or out in your daily walk in life that special person that commands respect that when he/she says something every one stops and listens, it's like that commercial that was on TV about E.F. Huttion it went like this “When E.F. Huntton talks, people listen." So what does make a good leader what are the qualities of the making of a good leader? He has to be trustworthy, honorable, dependable, and responsible. These four attributes I won’t get into because they are self-explanatory.

Maybe by practicing these simple steps you can improve your leadership in your household.

1. Improve on your decision-making skills. Sometimes we are afraid of just making the wrong or unpopular decisions. What a good leader will know is that they will make bad decisions in their lives, one way to move ahead is to realize that when you do make a mistake is not to dwell on it but to learn from your mistake find out what went wrong and then move on.

2. Be a motivator, have a clear and precise plan on where you want your family to be in a week, month and years from now. Then inspire your dreams to your wife and kids if they are old enough tell them what you see them doing in a short and long term goals that way they will see the prize that you a striving for just as you see it.

3. Learn to listen.  Listen to you wife when talking to her, she just may has a better plan to follow. 
A good leader will come up with good ideas but a great leader will also listen to his family’s advice or criticisms and then consider all that he has heard.

4. Recognize your personal shortcomings nobody is perfect if you know your lacking in a certain area ask for advice in that area and while your trying to improve that flaw, accept constructive criticism.

5. You want your wife to listen to you and you want her to do as you say then you will have to improve your oral communication skills. The best way to do this is to think before you say anything, slow down when speaking, and make sure she is looking at you while you speak to make sure she is listening to you, never talk down to the person you are talking to.

6. Take risks, there are going to be days when you have to fly by the seat of your pants. No don’t go doing this a lot but there are days when you will have to go on a hunch that it would be a good decision to make and take that leap of faith and run with it especially if you see a high yield gain from the decision.

7. Be trustworthy, honorable, dependable and responsible these are the most important traits to have if you have these then the other six rules will follow without much problems. No one wants to follow someone who is undependable, lies, not responsible. With these trait you family will go anywhere with you being the leader.

So, now you have the helm of the ship, will it be a well disciplined ship with a crew willing to follow their fearless leader that is prepared to handle rough water ahead or are you going to hope for the best with eyes closed not to be thrown into the rocks by the waves crashing into your boat, the choice is yours. Choose wisely.






  1. Hi Bob,

    This is great. Very good advice and well said. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Hi Roz

      Thank you for your kind words


  2. Hi bob I just found your blog .thanks for sharing as I read around you made me think and laugh...I shared some with Tyler too..well anyway I have a blog just been lurking a while but I'm out of lurking..I will keep reading .stop by my blog if u like..I will start blogging again soon..

    1. welcome Daisy Christian

      Thank you for stopping by and hope you continue to in the future