Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Magic Tricks

I love magic tricks. Watching the magician walk on the stage in full control even if acts like he isn’t. He will display the trick and explain to the audience how he is going to make the card disappear then he asks for someone from the audience to examine the cards, confirm that they seem normal and then shuffles the cards to make sure they weren’t in order.

Now the magician will take the deck of cards and ask a person to pick a card out of the deck show it to everyone and place it in a box and lock it with the lock next to the box then does it again to a second person and tells him to put his card in his pocket. This is the first of three parts of a magic trick called the pledge.

The magician asks for the only key opens the box and the second person’s card is in there. This is the second part of the magic trick called the turn.

The third part of the magic trick called the prestige this is where he has to make what disappeared reappear. In this example the first man’s card now is in the second man’s pocket thus completing the trick.

I will always remember this magic trick that I did at my parents' house. It went something like this.

First step the pledge. One holiday the family was all together having a good time walking down memory lane talking about the dumb things we use to do. Laughing at things we did together or told stories of what happened to us in our daily lives. You get the idea. Until my father walks in…

Second step, the turn. My dad comes in and he is very opinionated this holiday and starts to agitate Bobbie as he always does to the daughter in laws from time to time. Bobbie blows up like a rocket and started to get even more agitated with my dad (not good) so I started to prepare for my all elusive magic trick.

My dad seeing that he got the response he wanted, he started to dig a little bit more then Bobbie started to raise her voice and my older brother sitting next to her shifted away from her while looking at her with big eyes like she grew an extra head.

Third step, the prestige. Just before all hell broke out I calmly called Bobbie's name looking at her we locked eyes and the bubbling pot went from boiling to simmering to tranquility the conversation drifted to other topics then it was time for supper. I was at the end of the line and my older brother was behind me and he said "How did you do that?"

"Do what? I didn't do anything" smiling

"How did you get Bobbie to shut up that fast and I would love to do that to my wife Pattie. You impressed me little brother"

I laughed and told him I don't think I could teach him because I really didn't do anything.

I am sure my very smart readers are saying I know how you did that or some may even say that's not a trick and you both are right. I really didn't do anything magical but we spent many hours of communication, practicing, rehearsing and refining our rolls in our DD relationship and making this a more happy marriage for the two of us now that my good readers is magical.




  1. Love this Bob, it may not be magic...or maybe it is? lol, but it works doesn't it?:)


    1. Thank you Roz
      One day I might tell my brother how to do the trick


  2. Those looks... Priceless! They work.

    1. Hi Minelle

      To bad they don't work all the time LOL